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Seam a draft comment on Dobbs Women’s Health Organization vs. Jackson It has shaken the court and Washington. را 98 pages draft comment Dated February 10, 2022 and written by Deputy Judge Samuel Alito. I have two columns (in USA Today And The Hill) today about the embarrassing leak from inside the court.

This is the opinion Judge Clarence Thomas, Neil M. Gorsush, Bert M. Kavanagh and Amy Connie Bart joined them. “Roe and Casey should be ignored,” he declares. “It is time to pay attention to the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s electorate.”

Opinions can change, but the damage done to the court as an institution is likely to be permanent. This destroyed the court’s long tradition of confidentiality and honesty in handling drafts.

The leak is the biggest crisis facing Chief Justice John Roberts and the biggest security breach in court history.

While information on internal disputes or court issues has been published periodically, I can not recall anything on this scale. The rope itself was the subject of a leak. را Washington Post Some leaks of internal court negotiations. Then, a few hours before the official release of the comments, the information was revealed early. A few hours before his release, news of the trial was heard. However, everything is dim compared to the release of the draft opinion months before the expected release.

Chief Justice Roberts Confirmed the legitimacy of the draft And start research

The question is how the court will act in the investigation. Anyone who commits this deeply immoral act has probably taken steps to hide their traces. I wonder if there is a paper trail or email history. However, anyone who commits such a reckless act may have been equally reckless in the means used to violate the Court’s rules.

If a lawyer is to blame, dismissal seems like a virtual certainty. This person may be a hero to some, but to any moral lawyer, he will remain a hated person. However, disarmament can be the least of the problems. If a suspect lies to the FBI, he or she may be prosecuted under 18 USC 1001.

Therefore, the culprit must decide today whether to increase the potential costs of this operation drastically. There are relatively few people with access to these drafts. It is possible for the offender to be contacted quickly by inspectors. This proves a critical moment that can turn an immoral act into a criminal act.

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