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So you say you want a revolution. When they sang those songs, Beatles He could talk about Democratic leaders today. The revolution seems to be on the minds of politicians who continue to threaten to react quickly if the court rules against their will. The latest revolution in the chair is President Joe Biden himself, who conducted his first sitting interview with Jimmy Kimmel in recent months. In his view, Biden promised only a “small revolution.”

Others have become completely revolutionary. Senator Jane Shaheen, DN.H., Join the growing ranks of members of Congress In issuing a notice to the Supreme Court: Reaffirm Facing Wade Or something else. The “other” varies from closed promises to judges to personal responsibility for judges. For a hawk The promise of “revolution”

It is clear that these leaders use overly harsh rhetoric and do not support violence. They do not want a real revolution more than Senator Chuck Schumer wanted to assassinate Judges Brett Kavanagh and Neil Gorsuch when he announced on the steps of the Supreme Court: “I want to tell you, Gorsush, I want to tell you, Kavanagh. You. You have left the tornado and you will pay the price. “If you make these terrible decisions, you do not know what will hit you.”

The call for revolutionary change in politics is as common as calling people to “fight” political opposition or legislative action. For example, with The riots continue in central BrooklynCalifornia Representative Maxine Waters traveled to Minnesota and across the country, telling protesters to “stay on the streets” and “Get more involved

However, these same politicians have emphasized that such references are literal when made by their opponents. Significantly, Democrats are holding hearings this week on how Republicans will take responsibility for the Jan. 6 uprising because of their calls to “fight” the certification of the 2020 election. On that day, there is no doubt that Trump has driven the crowd crazy. I was critical while he was lecturing. However, Trump never actually called for violence or insurgency. Instead, he urged his supporters to march to Congress to oppose the approval of the ballots and to support the challenges posed by some members of Congress. “Speak your voice to others peacefully and patriotically,” he told his followers bluntly. “It’s now up to Congress to deal with this heinous attack on our democracy … and after that, we’re going to step aside – and I’ll be by your side – we’re going to go down … “Congress and we will applaud our senators and congressmen and our brave women.”

Little attention is paid to how such rhetoric was common on the left.

Of course, having leaders like Biden and Shaheen who lead revolutionary rhetoric is more futile than violent. You can wear a hat and smoke a cigar, but that does not make you happy. It is clear that he meant a political revolution, but the president is doing the same ultimatum and sword.

This is a fundamental message that is worrying. This is part of a long series of threats against the Supreme Court that must be submitted to the interpretation of the constitution or face fundamental changes in this institution. The president is not the only one to present this choice to the court.

Last year, Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, DN.Y., Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass, and others stood before the Supreme Court to announce the packing bill to give the Liberals a one-judge majority. This came after threats from various Democrats that conservative judges would rather vote with their liberal counterparts. . . Or something else. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, is not Willing to wait and has called the court for packaging. He condemned the court for “misleading public opinion” over its erroneous decision-making and lack of thinking.

Attacks on the institution have turned into attacks on members of the institution. Professors love law Berkeley’s Erwin Chamrinsy has called justice “partisan hacking.”While others have supported targeting individual judges in their own home. George Town Law Professor Josh Chafts made the announcement “When the thugs are right, some (but not all!) More aggressive tactics are justified.”

Such contacts can have a more threatening meaning in the confused minds of some who may think of “more aggressive tactics.” He came to the judge’s house with a gun, a zipper and stolen tools. Again, this is not the purpose of such statements, but the confirmation that judges are targeted in their homes shows the complete collapse of our sense of decency and responsibility.

Abby Hoffman, a radical in the 1960s, once said that “the first task of a revolutionary is to avoid it.” It remains to be seen whether public opinion will allow these politicians to come to terms with the issue and support calls for a change of court or retaliation against certain members. With the support of many media outlets and universities, careless rhetoric is likely to continue.

However, there should be no doubt about the entry of this fundamental message that it is appropriate for politicians to package or legally change the court, if the court does not rule in the way they and “public opinion” want. Such proposals destroy one of the main institutions of our constitutional system.

That’s why when you talk about “destroying” our traditions in litigation, As the Beatles announced in 1968“You can count me.”

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