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In Oscar Wilde The importance of being serious“I’ve never seen a really bad person before … I’m so scared he’s looking like everyone else,” says Sicily. This quote came to mind this week after Senator Sheldon White House (D-RI) asked about Ginny Thomas. White House insists there is “contrary to the big investigation” in the revelatory pursuit of the Supreme Court ruling on the abortion case, but not Clarence Thomas’s wife. Ginny Thomas supported the 2020 Election Certification Challenge.

Even in the age of rage, the investigation of the present judge’s wife is shocking because of her political views. Other members, and even legal experts, have called for such an investigation or the actual impeachment of his wife.

Representative IIhan Omar (D., Minn.) Was the first member of Congress Call for the impeachment of Thomas When it became clear on January 6, the commission found his wife Ginny’s message to the White House. MSNBC Mehdi Hassan repeated this call For interpellation as before Senator Barbara Boxer and others. Boxer has been very ironic since he used it The same federal constitution To challenge the approval of George W. Bush.

Ginny Thomas’s position on the election was not surprising. He is a prominent Republican activist and supporter of Trump. In his correspondence, Thomas encouraged White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to pursue legal challenges to what he saw as a stolen election. This was a position supported by millions of voters.

We are far from the days when wives were seen as their husbands’ extensions. Ginny Thomas is an activist, and the couple have often discussed how to keep their careers separate. However, these members suggest that Judge Thomas could be interrogated or interrogated because he was essentially unable to keep his wife in line and remain silent about the national controversy.

“How did Judge Roberts go to DEFCON 1 for a disclosure of Alito’s abortion and call for an investigation, saying it was a betrayal of the court?”

However, he noted: “If you look at the situation of Ginny Thomas … I think when you have the wife of a Supreme Court justice who is now frequently involved in a revolt against the country and now with someone who is in dire straits. Is in touch. That a White House adviser to Trump’s White House advised him to hire a criminal defense attorney, which if you want to go to DEFCON 1 because of a draft vote, you might want to go to DEFCON 3 or 4 or 5 and start “Investigate in court what is going on here.” He asked why Chief Justice Roberts “does not want to look at his problems with Judge Thomas.”

The reason may be that disclosure is clearly immoral Potential criminal behavior. What Ginny Thomas did is called Freedom of Expression. Thomas was quite right to call for the election to be challenged, even if some of us thought it was unfounded. Marrying a righteous person is not a form of contractual servitude in which you must suspend the exercise of fundamental rights such as freedom of expression.

The challenge of the 2020 election was not surprising. In fact, long after the election, I wrote about this possibility What I call the “Death Star Strategy.” It is not a crime to raise such a challenge, even without good reason. This is the path that Democrats took to challenge Republican presidents without any media protest.

When Boxer challenged President Bush about the bill, he praised Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. Challenge him As a “witness to democracy at work. This, unfortunately, as some of our Republican colleagues have pointed out, is not in vain. “This debate is fundamental to our democracy.” Rep where the challenge joined him. Benny Thompson (D-Khanum), who is currently chairing the January 6 Uprising Committee. (Fellow member of the representative committee Jimmy Ruskin (D-fashion) in pursuit Challenging Trump Certification in 2016).

We can certainly investigate Ginny Thomas to confirm that she “looks like everyone else” in Washington. He is someone who expresses his opinion as a conservative activist. She is also the wife of a Supreme Court judge. His job and marital status are completely separate and distinct.

Obviously, Senator White House is not the first person to surrender to the sensational statement in court. There is little attraction for the wise in Kabul. As Sicily added in Wilde’s play, “I do not think I would like to have a sensible man. “I do not know what to talk to him about.”

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