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An interesting initial battle is under way over an accusation made by House Speaker Liz Cheney during the first public hearing of the House Electoral Committee on the January 6, 2021 uprising. Cheney, a Republican in Pennsylvania, called for forgiveness for former President Trump for his involvement in post-election challenges. However, Perry has denied the allegations twitter That “[t]The notion that I have ever apologized to the President for myself or other members of Congress is an absolute, shameless and soulless lie.

Cheney, deputy chairman of the selection committee, said in her inaugural statement that Perry had tried to appoint Justice Department attorney Jeff Clark as his attorney, hoping to write a letter to Georgia and other states identified by the Department of Justice. Is »send. “Important concerns that may affect the outcome of the election.”

Insisting on the appointment of a more desirable attorney general was not illegal, although I believe such a letter was fundamentally wrong. I have He defended for a long time Bill’s record and the honesty he showed in resisting such demands. Other judicial officials, such as Bar, seemed ready to resign instead of giving in to such a demand.

The suggestion is that Perry not only knew he could be blamed for his post-election actions, but also sought to support Trump. This claim does not appear to be interpretive. Either right or wrong. Cheney or Perry are lying. Cheney vowed to provide evidence to support this claim: “As you will see, Perry’s representative called the White House in the weeks after January 6 to pardon the president. Several other Republicans in Congress have sought amnesty for their role in trying to overthrow the 2020 election.

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