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Politicians have long seen tragedies and crises as opportunities that should not be “wasted.” Recently, Samantha Power, Biden’s director at the United States Agency for International Development, told ABC that they He did not want to waste the war in Ukraine As a way to advance green initiatives. “Never let a crisis go away,” he explained to George Stephanopoulos. Governor Katie Hutchul (D-NY) took the same approach Massacre in Buffalo In renewing the call for censorship on the Internet. while Many drew the connection Between the shooting and the need for more gun control measures, Hochol went so far as to call for restrictions on freedom of expression. He later spoke in a church Committed To silence the voices of hatred and racism and white supremacy across the internet.

Hochol told CNN about the “union situation.”

“They must be called. And the leaders of the elected officials of both parties must stand at this moment and call it and embarrass it and make sure that these people crawl into their holes again and stay there. This could not be part of our main conversation here in the United States. Leaders have a responsibility to call it … We deal with it on the gun side as well as on social media. And combining brutal access to guns, without restrictions, we need national laws to deal with this, as well as unlimited sharing of hate information on the Internet, which is a deadly combination. We saw it here a few hours ago yesterday.

The reference to “national laws” is the latest example of how democratic politicians go beyond their long-standing efforts to censor companies and rediscover old-fashioned government censorship. both Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Recently, there have been calls for international and domestic legislation to restrict freedom of expression.

As the likelihood of buying Ilan Mask increased, there was a significant shift in the views of pro-censorship figures. Hillary Clinton Went to Twitter Calls on the EU to swiftly pass a digital services law in Europe to be censored “before it’s too late”. Because figures like Clinton can not count on the company’s successors for censorship Return to government censorship. If the DSA is approved, they hope to force Twitter to resume censorship – a warning repeated by EU officials this week.

At the same time, the UK is enforcing its online safety law, and more recently Mask was summoned to parliament To respond to his troubling offer to restore freedom of expression on social media. The British are reassuring citizens that they will “remain calm and censor” despite the mask’s commitment. If the mask does not censor users, it threatens to take ten percent of the company’s profits.

Now, Hochol is trying to rally voters over censorship in the wake of the Buffalo tragedy. Defending freedom of expression in response to such a call means being condemned as supporting extremist extremists or disrespecting those killed.

The government can then determine what constitutes “unrestricted sharing of hate speech on the Internet.” In fact, the Biden government has already been created A misinformation government board Who is ready to start it with great enthusiasm. It may be a bitter pill for some who care about freedom of expression, but it is difficult to defend the abstraction of freedom of expression after a massacre. That’s why this is a crisis that can not be wasted. like the Biden’s “Mary Papin’s misinformation” One might say, a crisis “helps to reduce censorship medicine in a pleasurable way.”

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