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The leadership of the FBI, including at the timeDirected by James Comey, About the alleged secret communication channel between the Trump organization and Alfa Bank of Russia “ignited”. The question is why Komi and others were so keen on the lack of a basis for false claims – a record that even researchers have said the Clinton campaign could be ridiculed as completely unsupported. However, as in the case of the Steel case (Funded and published by the Clinton CampaignAt the top of the list, the audience welcomed such claims.

The new revelation comes with the testimony of Joe Pintka, the FBI’s investigator on Trump and Russia (“reciprocal storm”). Pintka texted Hyde. “Guys, did you open a case? Do you reach out and put tools?”

Explaining the enthusiasm of Kumi and others only exacerbated concerns about the alleged bias or agency’s willingness to investigate Trump and his campaign. This is especially significant in a claim that was not even supported by researchers and was quickly dismissed by the government as unfounded.

According to Durham, Alfa Bank’s claim was dropped even before Sasman handed it over to the FBI. The indictment describes how an anonymous “technology executor” used his powers in several Internet companies to help spread the ridiculous claim. (The CEO later reportedly claimed to have been promised a top job in cyber security in the Clinton administration.) Remarkably, there were many who, not only in the companies working on the covert project, but also among the “unnamed academic researchers” who expressed skepticism and repeatedly said that this argument was fabricated.

The researchers were told that they should not seek proof, but rather be useful enough to present a narrative. Based on the indictment, the investigators argued that anyone familiar with Internet traffic analysis would make “several holes” in that narrative, noting that what they saw was probably not “a secret communication channel with Bank of Russia 1, but It was a red herring. Based on the indictment.

The indictment alleges that Mohaqeq-1 reiterated these doubts and asked: “How are we going to defend the criticism that this is not fake traffic that we are seeing? There is no answer to it. Let us assume again that they “They are not smart enough to reject our ‘best case scenario.’

The response to the allegation by Komi and the FBI leadership seems to confirm the view of the campaign colleagues that they only need a “useful narrative” to achieve their goals. All that was needed was an unconfirmed and unconfirmed theory to “ignite” Kumi and his senior aides.

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