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There is an old legend about a scorpion that wants to cross a river and persuades the hesitant frog to carry it on its back. Eventually, if he bit the frog in the river, they would both die. This made sense, so the frog agreed to do it so that the scorpion would bite deadly halfway. When the frog asked why the scorpion condemned both of them, the scorpion replied: “I’m sorry, but I could not resist this request. “This is in my nature.”

The story came to mind this week when Nina Yankovic, the new head of the Board of Governors of False Information, pledged to protect freedom of expression, despite the denial and removal of rights. after Strong criticism of his appointmentJankovic announced that the new board of internal security “will maintain the commitment of the ministry.” [sic] To protect freedom of expression. “He spent his career condemning.”The first supplement fanaticsLike myself, I believe in a strong vision of freedom of expression.

like the It has been discussed before, Yankovich has acted as a defender of public and corporate censorship as well as publishing false information. He has been a popular figure on the left, reassuring audiences that the “freedom of expression versus censorship” framework is a false dichotomy.

No wonder he was one of the first to Express anger With the idea that Ilan Musk might restore the right to freedom of expression to Twitter:

“I’m terrified of what it would look like for marginalized societies if absolutists seize more platforms of freedom … that at the moment … disproportionate amounts of this abuse. “They carry it.”

Jankovic called the misinformation “an American pathology” and said that Joe Biden was a doctor who could cure the disease.

However, this pathology seems to be largely on the right for Yankovich to be criticized. Dissemination of incorrect information On topics like Hunter Biden laptops. He is also a big fan of censorship, including calling for a ban on conservative social media posts.

In his article, “How to Defeat Misinformation: The Biden Government Agenda” in foreign Affairs In November 2020, Yankovich Wrote That Biden should be widely involved in the speech-making business. Despite protests from many of us over widespread censorship programs on social media, Yankovich was not satisfied. He simply rejected those plans

Temporary and superficial changes to prevent the spread of false claims, however [social media companies] “They are also taking advantage of the structures and requirements that are now pushing pro-Trump vigilantes and denial groups to gather at polling stations across the country.”

This has led Jankovic to call for good old-fashioned government control over the speech if he is to take the threat of misinformation “seriously”. He has made the same European censorship efforts as he did recently Supported by Hillary Clinton After taking the mask

Jankovich wanted Biden to “create[e] “A counter-intelligence tsar in the National Security Council and the establishment of a relevant department.” Instead, that “management” was created in internal security.

The Biden administration appears to have given the new authority to the Department of Homeland Security.

However, Yankovich is now reassuring people that with the new tsar, they have no fear behind our misinformation. Historically, the shores of civil liberties have been filled with dead frogs who have accepted the assurance that “Trust me, I am the government.”

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