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Del Rio has been attacked over a statement Made this week “I can look at the pictures on TV [of the Floyd protests] – People’s livelihood is being destroyed. Jobs are burning. No problem, and then we have dust in the Congress building, nothing is burned, and we will turn it into a big deal. “I just think these are two standards, and if we apply the same standard and we want to treat each other rationally, let’s discuss.”

I strongly disagree with describing this uprising as “dust”. I in public Condemned Trump’s remarks While being given and me He demanded that both parties vote against him Responsibility in riots However, the question is whether people are allowed to speak freely in their private situations without launching abolition campaigns. I have no problem with Senator Sasslav condemning the comments. However, his use of negotiations to tie the new stadium to free speech practice is deeply troubling.

This is a view that is clearly shared by millions of other Americans. However, Saslav and many media outlets decided to use the $ 1 billion stadium to pressure the team to silence such staff. “Obviously, to put it mildly, it was not very helpful, but there are many other things,” Saslav told the media, referring to allegations of sexual harassment and financial mismanagement by the team and its owner, Daniel Snyder. Saslav suggested that the team might try again next year.

You may be allowed to coach and be conservative, but obviously you can not do both in public.

Various figures called for Del Rio to be fired. NAACP President Drake Johnson called Del Rio’s remarks “insulting and ignorant.”

“The January 6 uprising – a coup – was far from a ‘dust’.” To downplay the uprising is to compare it to the nationwide protests in response to a public lynching. You can not coach a black majority team while turning your back on the black community. “It’s time to pack up and get off the ground.”

With the expiration of the FedEx field contract in the next few years, the pressure on Snyder to punish Del Rio is significant. The campaign worked. Del Rio issued the expected public apology To dare to offer a dissenting view of the insurgency and media coverage.

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