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The French journalist Jacques Malt de Pan observed during the French Revolution that “revolution, like Saturn, devours its children.” The same can be said of censorship. We It has been discussed before How the teaching of Adhanum Gabrisus, the director general of the World Health Organization, has advocated censorship to combat what he calls “infodemic.” Teaching is now reported Censored by China For incorrect information about your pandemic actions.

“When we talk about Covid Zero Strategy, we do not think it will be sustainable, given the behavior of the virus now and what we predict in the future,” Tedros said. This angered Chinese censors who deleted the comments.

Earlier, Tehdros had a feud between musician Neil Young and Joe Rogan’s podcast and streaming giant Spotify. Teaching supported Yang demands that Rogan be censored by the company For his views on the virus and treatments. This situation was very impressive after the presence of Teaching and the World Health Organization He has been repeatedly accused of supporting China In an initial attempt to destroy research into laboratory theory about the origin of the virus.

This did not prevent teaching support Before emphasizing that “we all have a role to play in ending the epidemic and intelligence,” Yang thanked him for “standing up to false and inaccurate information” about Covid vaccination.

He added: “@NeilYoungNYA, thank you for standing up to the false and inaccurate information about the # COVID19 vaccination … the public and private sectors, especially #social media platforms, media, people – we all need to end this epidemic and “Intelligence should play a role.”

The “role” described by teaching is corporate censorship. However, some universities support censorship calls. For example, an article by Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard law professor, and Andrew Kane Woods, a law professor at the University of Arizona at The Atlantic. He called for Chinese-style censorship “In the big debate over the past two decades about freedom over network control, China was largely right and the United States was largely wrong,” he said on the Internet.

Now, teaching with other suspects is involved in his “infedemic”. This is the danger of all censorship systems: one can easily go from being a defender to being a target of censorship.

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