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We have already discussed increasing censorship on YouTube in which conservative and oppositional views are increasingly blocked, including US Senators And physicians With opposing views. It has also banned videotapes of former US President Don Trump. Other social media companies have banned others from spreading Trump’s voice. The problem with censorship is that it becomes an insatiable appetite. As you censor dissenting views, censorship demands more and more. As it happened this week, it is becoming increasingly ridiculous. According to a New York Post Report When YouTube censored a Democrat-controlled committee for a video that included a clip of Trump. The post was published to describe Trump’s involvement in the January 6 uprising, but YouTube continues to blindly follow the “he should not be heard” policy.

The clip also included the testimony of former Attorney General William Barr, who suggested that the company had violated its terms of service in connection with misinformation. YouTube has no problem Submit proven false charges against the load Like the claim that he cleared Lafayette Park for photography.

Google’s platform also insisted that the excerpt contained recorded testimonies of former Attorney General William Barr violating its terms of service.

In the latest absurd removal, the company explained:

Our electoral integrity policy prohibits false claims that have led to widespread fraud, errors, or flaws if they do not provide sufficient grounds.

We apply our policies equally to everyone and have deleted the video uploaded by the Committee Channel on January 6th.

However, the testimony was never shown to be false. While people may disagree, YouTube forbids people from watching testimonies and reaching conclusions. It is merely to impose the views of one side in this public debate.

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