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Below is a slightly expanded version My column In The Hill about the appointment of Nina Jankovic as the new head of the governing body False information announced by the federal government. This Sunday, the Minister of Internal Security Alejandro Majorcas He assured Cyanan viewers that there was no fear of his new misinformation board, which “brings together the best ways to deal with the threat of misinformation.” I think we can guess what the “best practice” is for one of the strongest advocates of corporate and government censorship.

You can only call me Mary Poppins misinformation. That Introducing Twitter To An imitation of TikTok The song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is now indelibly linked to Nina Yankovich, the new head of the federal government’s misinformation board.

According to his background from Dissemination of incorrect information And Support censorshipJankovic hardly needed a music-inspired character. However, for Biden’s government, Yankovich – like Mary Poppins –It is practically excellent in every way“To track whether we are all”measurementIn our public statements.

It is not clear yet Government public statements What authority will the board have, except the White House press secretary? جن ساکی Described The board is intended as “to prevent misinformation and misinformation from traveling across the country in a wide range of communities”.

It was no accident that Yankovich came to power. She is a great babysitter to sort out the turmoil of freedom of expression. President Biden He has now introduced himself as an opponent of free speech after John Adams. During his transferBiden appointed outspoken advocates of censorship. As president, he has Led social media companies to expand censorshipWhile he has been managing criticized For spying on reporters

Now, with Ilan Mask His acquisition of Twitter and his commitment to restore the values ​​of freedom of expression to the platform has caused panic among Democrats, including Jankovic. He told National Public Radio“I tremble at what it would look like for marginalized societies if absolutists seized more platforms.”

The sound of Jankovic’s singing may be impressive, but his appointment is very deaf.

He has been ridiculed for making “false Russian information” about the original report. Hunter Biden “We should see it as a Trump product,” the infamous laptop insists. He continued to publish that misinformation, including Tweet A link to a news article that he said “raised further doubts about the origin of Hunter Biden’s story from the New York Post.” that in Another related tweet“Emails do not need to be changed to be part of an infiltration campaign,” he added. Voters deserve it, not one [fairy] Laptop repair story. On the contrary, he Quoted from Christopher SteeleAuthor of the invalid book The Steel Case During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, as a resource on how to stop misinformation.

An even deafer figure may be the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorcas, Who appointed Yankovich to his new role. Majorcas apparently follows Mary Poppins’s other command – “I want to clarify one thing: I will never explain anything” – as she and President Biden have preserved one of the most embarrassing examples of misinformation: an indictment That US border guards flogged immigrants. Texas.

The whipping story is a terrifying example of true misinformation that can be destructive to people and destructive in politics. The story of the whipping of white officers against Haitian immigrants on the southern border was completely irresistible and enthusiastically welcomed by many media and political figures. Despite the available video, which clearly denied the whipping claim, it was mostly based on a misleading photo of a border officer. Even a photo photographer Stated At the time, the story was a lie and “no one saw a border guard whipping.”

However, many media outlets went into a state of madness with the encouragement of key political figures. Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) Stated that the alleged whip was just the latest example of “White supremacist behavior“Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) Said the incident”Worse than what we saw in slaveryHe criticized the “cowboys who ran from Haiti and used their leashes to flog them.” Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (DN.Y.) condemned the claim.Inhuman treatment of Haitian immigrants by border patrols – including flogging

The ruling was issued and announced by US President Biden at the beginning of the investigation on all networks. He expressed disgust at the “horrific … cruel” actions of the agents while “closing” the migrants, saying:I promise you, those people will pay

In turn, Majorcas – the official in charge of investigating this claim – told that The alleged behavior of the agents “rightly and necessarily confronted our nation with panic.” He then promised that his office would complete the investigation “with extraordinary speed and with extraordinary force”, but very quickly. “It will be completed in a few days, not weeks.”

That was more than six months ago.

As the initial announcements of Biden and others quickly faded, the White House fell into unusual silence. The promised prompt investigation mysteriously lasted. The facts of confirming or denying the whipping claim were revealed within 24 hours – but it is a shame for Myrkas and the president that the agents never flogged any immigrants. Accordingly, instead of announcing a finding within a few days, the agents continue in uncertainty.

This month has been reported That the agents were cleared The White House, however, has refused to apologize for the attack, and Majorcas has refused to publicly acquit the officers.

Instead, it belongs to the White House Psaki encountered Recently, Abony McMorris called on US city radio stations to call on the president not to impose “patrols that have been seen flogging Haitian immigrants.” Keep in mind that there is no video showing Haitian agents flogging, but instead, there is a video to the contrary. However, some media outlets are still calling for punishment, and the White House is refusing to change its original sentence.

What does Mary Poppins call misinformation?

As Yankovich read in his video:

“Clearing information is really brutal,” he said.

“This is when a hawk lies and makes them look premature.

By saying them in Congress or a mainstream media

“The source of misinformation is a little less brutal.”

The new head of the misinformation board may have a theme song, but Jankovic may quickly lose his credibility. ساکی First admitted He did not know who Yankovich was – and the next day Provided a gentle defense He was a man with a long history, including a testimony in both the British Parliament and Congress. (He did not mention that Jankovic supports public and private censorship.) Pasaki then Stressed twice That Yanukovych was elected by Majorca and Internal Security.

Majorcas, in turn, said so Unaware of past positions and statements An appointment he had recently praised as uniquely qualified.

In Washington’s words, this is a signal that “The wind is in the east, the dust enters– And maybe it’s time for Janlovich to take the umbrella to his umbrella and squeeze it.

However, even if that happens, the question remains as to who appears next to the “measurement” of an influential society. If the east wind blows, two things are certain. Each replacement will have the same anti-freedom sentiment and will not have a TikTok account.

Jonathan Torley is Professor of Shapiro Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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