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At yesterday’s White House press conference, it was an unusual moment when White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre refused to discuss one issue. 2018 Voicemail from President Biden It shows that the president lied repeatedly in denying that he spoke to Hunter Biden about his foreign business dealings. Jean-Pierre declined to answer a question from Fox News’ Peter Ducey, and then again declined to answer a question from RealClearPolitics’ Philip Wegman. The rest of the press seemed satisfied with an answer that was not only blatantly evasive but insulting to the press. this is Continued evidence of the Biden campaign’s success in persuading the media to maintain the false narrative they helped create during the campaign..

As discussed earlier, the tape clearly proves that President Biden lied about his knowledge of these transactions. this President’s audio tape Worried a The Times reported on December 12, 2018 Details of Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming, Chairman of CEFC China Energy Corporation. Yeh was later arrested amid charges of economic crimes. Biden’s aides reportedly worked with the Times to change aspects of the story, and President Biden appears to be calling the effort a success.

The plan with the Bidens (which included brother Joe Biden) specified a proposed 10 percent stake for Hunter for the “big man.” It was a reference to Joe Biden, according to Biden aide Tony Bobulinksy.

A voicemail discovered on Hunter’s discarded laptop revealed that Joe Biden had been following his son’s stories that were said to influence his son’s dealings, particularly his Chinese dealings. In his message to Hunter, Biden says:

“Hey mate, it’s Dad. It’s 8:15 Wednesday night. Just give me a call if you get a chance. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. I thought the article that was published online was going to be in the Times tomorrow. , that was good. I think you’re in the clear. And anyway, call me if you ever get a chance, I love you.”

Some of us have It has been written for two years Denial of Biden’s knowledge is patently false. Indeed, it is puzzling how Attorney General Garland could ignore the countless references to Joe Biden in refusing to appoint a special counsel.

Now that we have an actual audio tape of the president, Ducey asked the obvious question: “Why is there an audio message of the president talking to his son about his business dealings overseas if the president said who never discussed business dealings abroad with his son. ?”

Despite clearly disagreeing with the president, Jean-Pierre declared, “Well, first of all, what the president said stands. “So if he — that’s what the president said, that’s what stands.” Such an absurd response is only possible when you know that most of the media will go along with the evasion.

Ducey continued, “He’s doing a voicemail about a New York Times article about Hunter Biden’s business deals, saying, ‘I think you’re in the clear.’ How come he doesn’t talk to his son about his business dealings abroad?

Jean-Pierre then dismissed further questions, saying: “We’re not from this forum – I’m not talking about the alleged contents of the laptop.” When pressed again, he said, “I’m not talking about the alleged material from the laptop. Peter, I refer you to his son’s representatives.

He echoed that position with Wegman, who seemed to be the only other journalist even remotely interested in whether the president lied repeatedly about his son’s influence-peddling scheme.

Notably, none of the reporters sought a response from Hunter or their representative. The tape recorded President Biden’s voice, not Hunter’s. In fact, Hunter had previously contradicted his father, saying that he had discussed the deals with his father.

There is no plausible reason why the president would not be willing to answer questions about his tape-recorded remarks. He doesn’t deny that it’s his voice that sounds obvious. He simply won’t answer the question of whether he lied during the campaign and repeatedly as president.

Again, this is only possible when you have the media in your pocket. Can you imagine Trump being caught on tape refusing to answer a question about the content. For example, the media has a continuous loop of virtual coverage of Trump’s call with Georgia officials.

I wrote before A column on the one-year anniversary of Hunter Biden’s laptop story who was surprised by the success of the Biden family in removing the scandal before the 2020 election. It was likened to Houdini making his £10,000 elephant, Genie, disappear in the act. However, Biden’s stunt took place live in front of an audience of millions. The value of media involvement in the main trick is that it invests journalists in the illusion. It’s like inviting the audience onto the stage to help with the performance. Reporters must insist there was nothing to see or admit they are part of the hoax.

The problem is that the media is now openly worried that the Democrats will lose both the White House and Congress. They have started Criticize Biden openly And even push him to pave the way for succession. While it would be embarrassing to recognize this false narrative, the Biden White House may face a media that is more concerned about a potential Republican victory in the upcoming election. The risk that journalists may decide to see the elephant.

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