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Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot (D) has been criticized for tweeting “praying for weapons” following a recent revelation of an abortion decision by the Supreme Court. The “invitation to arms” was a warning to many, in particular, after the bombing of a pro-life office and insults to Supreme Court justices. Due to the violent protests in Chicago in recent years. I do not believe that LightFoot encourages anything but peaceful support. It is remarkable, however, how Democrats have used almost identical language to search for it Disqualification of GOP members And criminal charges against figures such as Donald Trump. In fact, such rhetoric became very prominent in Donald Trump’s second impeachment.

“To my friends in the LGBTQ + community – the Supreme Court will come to us in the next step,” Ligthfoot said. This moment must be a call to arms. “We will not give up our rights without war – fight to victory!”

Democrats have been criticized for using provocative rhetoric in the past. One of the most notable and shocking events of March 2020 was that of the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) stood before the Supreme Court Threaten Judges Neil Gorsch and Brett Kavanagh by name“I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanagh, you left the tornado and you pay the price!” “If you make these terrible decisions, you do not know what will hit you.”

During Trump’s impeachment, executives repeated Trump’s remarks over the years to show how his remarks sparked controversy. Critics cited similar statements from managers themselves. Jimmy Ruskin, Senior Representative, Senior Director of Impeachment, was reprimanded for using “hell-like struggle” in a 2019 interview with the Atlantic – the same words that were repeatedly repeated by Trump. He has also used the phrase several times in recent years to bolster his supporters in the struggle for Democratic control of Congress.

Nancy Speaker Pelosi made a mistake in appointing managers like Eric Sowall. Which is notorious for its provocative rhetoric. Swalwell comments not only included Annoying legal claimsBut very personal and insulting remarks such as ridiculous threats against Susan Collins, R. Min. “Bo ho ho ho. You are a senator who will be protected by the police. The rape victim could not sleep at home tonight because of the threat. Where do you sleep She is alone as you and your @SenateGOP colleagues try to hear her quickly in the meeting.

Managers focused on Trump’s remarks, which coincided with Lightfoot’s remarks. Trump calls on his supporters to “fight like hell, and if you do not fight like hell, you will have no country.” “We will not be afraid to accept the tricks and lies we have been forced to believe in the last few weeks,” he told them.

However, Trump also told his supporters that “everyone here will soon march to the Congress building to make your voice heard peacefully and patriotically.” “We encourage the senators and members of parliament and our brave women,” she said. Regarding those who oppose any electoral challenge, Trump said, “We probably will not be so encouraged by some of them. “Because you will never take back our country with weakness.”

The fact is that I do not oppose the impeachment or accusation of Lightfoot or Trump for such rhetoric.

The Supreme Court has long rejected fluid standards in speech criminalization. In fact, the case based on this speech is likely to fail in federal court. that in Brandenburg v. OhioThe Supreme Court rejected permission to criminalize speech that in fact calls for “the use of force or violation of the law”, unless it is imminent.

During Trump’s impeachment, I Warned about slippery slopes Created by articles used in the same language by Democrats in both houses to “war” for the country and “reclaim” Congress. During Trump’s inauguration in 2017, Democrats denounced his legitimacy as riots broke out in Washington with violent groups.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) Later called on the public to confront the Republicans in public. Representative Ayana Presley (Massachusetts) insisted during the 2020 violent protests that“There must be unrest in the streets.” Then age. California Protesters Kamala Harris said “protesters should not give up” even if many of the protests turn violent or deadly.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has denounced other members as traitors and “enemies within.” “I just do not know why there is no uprising across the country,” he said last year, amid violent protests. “There may be.”

Even the ousted director of the FBI, James Comey, has resorted to reckless rhetoric. He said recently“The Republican Party must be burned … this is not a healthy political organization.” Similarly, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin declared, “We must collectively, in essence, burn the Republican Party. “We have to level them to the ground, because if there are survivors, if there are people who can get through this storm, they will do it again.” Since the The Republican National Committee was targeted with a pipe bomb On January 6, will this provoke a fire or violence? Not under Brandenburg.

Lightfoot comments highlight only the double standard applied by Democrats to freedom of expression. Whether it is “misinformation” or violent speech, Democrats have often distanced themselves from such criteria. What is rebellious for some is the language of advocacy for others. The alternative is to “fight like hell” for freedom of expression. . . For all.

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