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Below my column on the hill is the leak and President Joe Biden refusing to condemn such behavior. This is a defining moment for his presidency that even in the face of such a shameful and immoral act, the president cannot have the courage to condemn it. He then magnified the defeat by refusing to condemn insults and targeting judges and their families in their homes.

Here is the column:

Nearly 70 years ago, a lesser-known lawyer called Joseph Welch Famous encountered Age Joseph McCarthy (D-Wis.) In defense of a young man who has been persecuted for his alleged non-American views. Welch told McCarthy, “I think I never really … measured your carelessness” before asking, “Do you have any sense of decency, sir? “After all, did you leave any sense of decency?”

This was a defining moment in American politics, as Welch called for a politician who had abandoned any principled appearance in order to gain political advantage. This week, the same scene aired in the White House with one notable difference: it was not Joseph Welch.

After a person in the Supreme Court makes a theoretical draft about Dobbs Women’s Health Organization vs. Jackson, A virtual flash mob was set up around the courthouse and its members demanding justice. This included re-requests for “packing” the court as well as the potential Targeting individual judges in their homes. Like self-disclosure, in an age of rage, the onslaught of judges and their families is treated as a fair game.

There is more than one license for this anger. There is addiction to this in March 2020 when the leader of the Senate majority was evident Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) stood before the Supreme Court Threaten Judges Neil Gorsch and Brett Kavanagh by name“I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanagh, you left the tornado and you pay the price!” “If you make these terrible decisions, you do not know what will hit you.” Schumer’s reckless rhetoric was praised by many on the left, not condemned, even after he He tried to turn it back “I should not have used the words I used … they did not appear the way I wanted them to,” he said.

What happened at the White House this week is even more disturbing. When the White House press secretary was asked to respond to the judge’s disclosure of the draft جن ساکی He refused to condemn the whistleblower, saying that the real issue was opinion. He was then asked about the potential targeting of judges and their families in their homes, and whether this might be considered extremist. This should be another easy question. Few Americans welcome such dexterity, especially since some judges have young children at home. However, Saki stated that “I do not have the official position of the US government on the location of the protests” and added that “Peaceful protest is not extreme.

in reality, Not Having an official position on the harassment of Supreme Court judges and their families Is A policy.

Whether extremist protests are evaluated or not often depends on their fundamental views. When Westboro Baptist Church activists protested at the funeral Bo BidenIt was peaceful – but many critics rightly condemned the demonstration as extremist. Some even confirmed Westbourne activists were physically attacked. When the church presented its case to the Supreme Court, some of us He supported his claims Despite our strong opposition to their views, 42 senators registered Summary of friends Ask the court to deny support for freedom of expression for such protests. The court eventually ruled 8-1 in favor of the church.

In this case, the Biden government and the Department of Justice have condemned the leaked draft – but not the threatened protests in judges’ homes, even if they could be considered a crime. Under 18 USC 1507, The protest near the residence occupied by a judge or jury is intended to influence their decisions in federal criminal cases, and the case is still pending. (Ironically, it can be difficult to prosecute if protesters say they have no intention other than venting their anger.)

Even if the demonstrations in the houses of the judges are constitutionally protected, it will not fix them properly, as the legal meetings of the Army and McCarthy in 1954 did.

In 1954, the left was targeted for its political views. Today, it is the left that demands it Censorship، black list And in such moments of reckless rage, presidents often turn to quiet voices and moderate extremist sentiments in their parties. When they have failed to do so, history has judged them harshly, such as President Eisenhower’s late conviction of Senator McCarthy, which he condemned. He reportedly regretted it To the end of his life

President Biden He has repeatedly shown that polls, not principles, guide his presidency. As a senator, he showed honesty by condemning the court package as a “horrible, horrible” idea. He has remained silent, however, as today’s Democrats have pushed for the court to convene with an immediate Liberal majority, a demand that has risen this week. Biden Long He supported the Philippaster Senate Act He said efforts to eradicate it would be “catastrophic” – but when modern-day mobs formed, he denounced it as a catastrophe. Jim Crow’s “Memorial”.

Even in the case of abortion, Biden has changed with the polls. He once with Roe v. Wade opposed and supported an amendment that rejected the decision. At that time, he Announced “I do not think a woman has the only right to say what happens to her body.” Now President Biden has changed his position without changing his logic. She Recently announced Which he supported because “I am only a child of God. “I exist” and so he can decide what happens to his body. Accordingly, he called the draft Supreme Court ruling “radical” and affirmed women’s rights.For abortion

Many Democrat politicians and thinkers are exposed to trials, packaging, theft, or other tactics instead of risking their anger.

Our national addiction to anger is portrayed in three indelible images. In June 2020, the White House was surrounded by security fences after nights of arson and riots. In January 2021, Congress was surrounded by the same fences after riots that halted the certification of the presidential election. The collection is now complete with photos of the Supreme Court enclosed in the same fence.

All three branches must protect the angry citizens on the left or right.

Schumer’s promise in 2020 that judges would “pay the price” was fulfilled because they and their families are now hiding in their homes. Despite the shocking picture of the judicial system under attack, President Biden has not shown the courage to dissuade the protesters. He seems to be following in the footsteps of the French revolutionary leader Abbe Sieyes, who witnessed the outbreak of his revolution in 1789-1799. Asked what he had done duringAssassinationHe replied: I survived.

President Biden is now in a state of survival. He does not seem to lack decency, he just does not have the courage to defend it.

Jonathan Torley is a professor of public interest law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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