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There is an interesting case in Ohio in which the state Supreme Court ruled that the Lake County General Court judge Eugene Lucchi He made a mistake when he added 35-year-old Manson Bryant to Manson Bryant six years after his phone call. “Racist as Jack” The blast came after he was initially convicted of robbery, kidnapping and armed robbery charges.

Bryant, who was convicted in March 2019, appeared before the court with respect and remorse. “I made bad decisions for a lifetime,” he told Judge Lucci. And those bad decisions have hurt a lot of my family members. “I’m really sorry for that.” He added that Luchi and the court staff have done a great job and that

“I have never been tried before. I respect the efforts of lawyers, judges, juries and the purpose of living as an individual, as an opportunity to hear a case. This is all that anyone can do. “I am grateful for the opportunity provided by the court and I respect the jury’s decision.”

He asked Lucci “he can still make a living” and “I do not want to die in prison, sir. I’m not a bad person, sir. I have a drug problem. I’ve been to you many times. I respect you. “And I respect the decision you make today.”

However, this statement did not seem to affect Lucci, who sentenced Bryant to 22 years in prison despite serving only 12 years.

That was when the situation got worse.

Here is the exchange that followed:

Bryant: Damn your court, you racist bitch. Damn your man in racism Damn you damn racism Twenty-two years damn racist bitch ass (continued rebellion by the accused, swearing, shouting, very incomprehensible).

Bryant: You are not nonsense.

Court: Remember when I said you regretted it?

Bryant: You are not nonsense. You never conditioned me

Bryant: You never gave me a chance.

Court: When I said you’re a little sorry, I was wrong. (Defendant continues to shout). The court determines –

Court: The court determines that the maximum sentence of imprisonment is required, so it is about 1 eleven years and about 3 eleven years.

Bryant: Damn the court. You’s not a racist bitch (the voice of the man who repeatedly says “Manson”). Let me out of court, man. (More shouting and cursing).

Court: So, twenty-eight years is valid for two hundred and thirty-one days. wait. (Defendant continues to shout). Does the lawyer skip your client for the rest of the advice I have to offer?

Lawyer: Yes, sir.

Court: Okay. You can take him. The court determines [Bryant] He did not show any remorse, I was tormenting his conscience, a certain amount of remorse in mitigating the sentence. [Bryant] He has shown me that he has no regrets and therefore the court recognizes that maximum imprisonment is necessary.

Lucci worked for a total of 28 years and 6 years. The ruling was upheld by an appeals court, but the Ohio Supreme Court overturned a 4-3 ruling. The court found that under Ohio Law Disrespect to the court is not a reason to strengthen. While Lucci described the remarks as a sign of remorse, the court found that it was an attack on the court itself.

Justice Melody Stuart He found that “the fact that Bryant’s remarks were merely directed at a judge who sentenced Bryant to 22 years in prison after he sentenced his accomplice to 12 years in prison for the same criminal offenses is debatable.”

He added, “If the accused’s attack or other misconduct by the court causes a significant disruption that disrupts the administration of justice, that behavior may be punished as an insult to the court. “However, this behavior may not lead to an increase in the punishment for the underlying crime.”

Judge Sharon Kennedy objected, writing that “the trial court is allowed to hear the rebellion in court: here, the rebellion is directly related to whether the appellant, Manson Bryant, showed genuine remorse for the various crimes committed.” Is or not. He only pretended to regret it in the hope of receiving a more lenient sentence. And under this court [precedent]”Neither this court nor the appellate court has jurisdiction to review Bryant’s extended sentence.”

Without going into Ohio law, the extra time was too much for me. Added to a heavy sentence. In my opinion, this is a humiliating act and it can be punished accordingly.

It is noteworthy that Bryant won this case professionally or on his own behalf. This is a remarkable victory for the person who represents himself.

Here is the decision: Ohio v. Bryant

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