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Many politicians and pundits are terrified of Ilan Mask threatening to restore the values ​​of free speech to Twitter. while Hillary Clinton has called on Europeans to take action To maintain such censorship, and Barack Obama has called for US law, the Biden administration has created a new misinformation board in the Department of Homeland Security. An CEO named Nina Jankovic has been appointed, who is literally a perfect advocate of corporate and government censorship.

Hardly could Orwell’s name be less than the Ministry of Truth. However, the DGB needed a true believer to oversee political discourse in the United States. He found the man in Yankovich, who had long been an outspoken advocate of freedom of expression.

In fact, Yankovich took his extremist views on music and published it in Tikotuk in an excerpt from Mary Poppins’ “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

What is clear is that Yankovic is far better on constitutional scale than constitutional values. “You can call me Mary Poppins misinformation,” says Yankovich in an incredibly impressive singing voice.

It was a sorrowful and prophetic line.

Jankovic was elected by the Biden government after years of pushing misinformation to the left while calling for right-wing censorship.

Jankovic had previously argued that Congress should enact new laws to prevent women from being ridiculed online with the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women (VAWA) Act, which includes “regulations against online sexual harassment.”

Yanukovych Testified Last year in the British Parliament on “gender misinformation” which is a “national security concern” and a threat to democracy that requires government censorship.

He called for technology companies and the government to work together to use “creativity and technological prowess to create an anomaly of online misogyny”.

On Hunter Biden’s laptop, Jankovich misrepresented that it was a misrepresentation and that “we should consider it a product of the Trump campaign.” He continued to publish that misinformation, including Tweet A link to a news article that he said “raised further doubts about the origin of Hunter Biden’s story from the New York Post.” that in Another tweet“It goes without saying that emails do not need to be changed to be part of an infiltration campaign,” he added. Voters deserve that field, not one [fairy] Laptop repair story.

He even cites the author of the Steel case as a guide on how to deal with misinformation. In August 2020, Yankovich tweeted: “I listened to this last night – Chris Steele (yes, Chris Steele) provides a great historical background for the evolution of misinformation. “It’s worth hearing.”

He also joined Twitter in panic over Mask’s threat to restore values ​​of free speech. “I trembled at what it would be like for marginalized communities to think that absolutists were taking over more platforms,” ​​he told NPR.

Perfect ground. In fact, Nina Jankovic is “practically great in every way” when she sees how we all “measure”.

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