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Below is my column in USA Today about the assassination attempt on Judge Brett Kavanagh at his home outside Washington, DC. Furthermore, Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. All of this is part of an addiction to national anger that neither decency nor responsibility matters. In fact, the seven children of a justice no longer even have to worry about venting their anger.

Here is the column:

particle for direct object Arrest of a man near the home of Judge Brett Kavanagh Early Wednesday is a terrible aggravation in our age of rage.

Police say a man identified in court named Nicholas John Rusk of California was carrying a package. A Glock pistol, a tactical knife, a pepper spray, a zipper, a hammer and a crow bar.

According to news reports, Roske believes that the Supreme Court may be Roe v. Cancel Wade this month, was angry. He faces charges of attempting to kidnap, kill or threaten a federal judge. (This incident after one The judge was recently unzipped at his home in Wisconsin and killed; A former defendant has been charged in a judge’s court.)

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