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We follow the language guidelines and word prohibitions that are common in universities. The latest case is outside California, where the San Francisco School District has reportedly dropped the word “boss” in job titles to show respect for Native Americans. Critics have protested that the word has nothing to do with the chief of the tribe. The district also informed the public that “the term alternative has not yet been determined.”

Gentle Ticket, SFUSD spokesman said particle for direct object San Francisco Chronicle That, “[w]Because there are so many opinions on this subject, our leadership team agreed that we will not use the title again, given that Native American members of our community have expressed concern about its use.

The change will immediately affect 13 officials who use the word “boss” in their title, but they will have to wait for a new replacement. In accordance with particle for direct object New York Post.

The word is actually derived from the old French word “chef” meaning “head of a group”.

There have been a number of these controversies over the removal of terms that some may mistakenly think are meaning or origin.

There was Decision at Harvard Discard the traditional term “House Master” despite its lack of connection to slavery. It was also the school district He cast a cat spell As disrespect to older women also move to Put aside the term quantum superiority in physics. Many schools have moved Put the term “graduates” aside, Which is currently gender neutral.

We have had the same kind of debate about the campaign to put an end to the “colonial” spell at George Washington University. “What does it mean when we talk about colonialism in history?” “And is that really what we want our school identity to be?”

Colonizations are not a general reference to colonization or the celebration of colonization. On the contrary, the colonialists (including George Washington) fought against colonization. They fought the British Empire and the belief that you could bring people under such foreign rule. The term “colonialists” is a clear and direct reference to those who took part in the Revolutionary War. This is an inspirational symbol for any school.

As educators, we have a responsibility to have a principled position in the use of terms and language, if not grammar.

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