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We It has been discussed before The case of Colinford Mattis and Oruj Rehman, lawyers accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at a police car in New York. They faced charges of domestic terrorism and a possible 30 years in prison. This week, the Biden government agreed to a massive reduction in charges in the country An agreement Which will probably lead to several years in prison. What is particularly strange is that the agreement reduces the previous agreement to a more serious offense.

The agreement of the Ministry of Justice is a breathtaking reduction in the charges and punishments expected of these two lawyers.

Some of us have been surprised by this before US District Judge Margo Brody confirmed $ 250,000 bail for U.S. District Judge Steven Gold. Prosecutors provided evidence that the two lawyers were trying to distribute Molotov cocktails and suggested that Metis did not make sense. United States Court of Appeals for Second Circuit Judge Brody reversed And two lawyers were sent back to prison. (Bail was merciful Paid by a friend and fellow lawyer Salma Razavi, who served in the Department of Defense and the State Department during the Obama administration.

Rahman and Metis confessed to possessing and possessing an explosive device last year. Who has a maximum of 10 years in prison. However, they will now be allowed to drop their previous claim and instead plead guilty to plotting to collect Molotov cocktails and damaging a New York police patrol car. This nosebleed reduces the severity and punishment of this violent attack.

This is in stark contrast to Biden’s Justice Department’s harsh stance on many of the January 6 rioters. Attorney General Merrick Garland referred to the threat posed by police officersCommit to an unprecedented effort to accuse and condemn those involved in the insurgency “at every level.”

The conspiracy to collect Molotov cocktails and damage a New York police patrol car does not bode well for what the two lawyers did during the violent riots in New York. Rahman was caught throwing a incendiary bomb and then fleeing the scene. Colinford Matisse was accused of possessing a stockpile of incendiary bombs in his vehicle and was filmed as he tried to hand them over to other insurgents to escalate the violence. Rahman did not apologize later Told reporters “The only way they can hear us is through violence.”

It does not seem to be the kind of suspects who usually win the deep sympathy of prosecutors. However, the Biden government withdrew from the charges, exposing earlier allegations of less guilt, and telling the court that the previous charges would lead to “excessive convictions” for lawyers. Instead, they support a maximum sentence of five years with a recommendation of 18 to 24 months in prison.

Attorney General Garland last month The law enforcer was killed while on duty. The agreement is likely to anger many of those families, given the strength of the case and the severity of the behavior. The two lawyers participated in an effort that could burn the officers alive as a live protest. It will be given to them now More sentences are closer to tax fraud than terrorism.

like the It has been discussed beforeMetis was a member of the company in Pryor Kashman when he was arrested. Metis graduated from New York University School of Law in 2016 and received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. He has also previously worked as an assistant in the Netherlands and Knight. Rahman was recently admitted to the New York Bar in June 2019 after graduating from Fordham University School of Law.

Both lawyers will be fired permanently and will have to pay compensation to New York City.

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