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Attorney General Dana Nesl lost the Flint case dramatically this week. More than six years ago, I wrote about doubts But the Generation Office posed new challenges for the prosecution. Unanimously Verdict 6-0 The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that his office committed a fatal and unexplained mistake in prosecuting nine officials for the Flint Water Crisis, including former Governor Rick Snyder. Court Ruled The case was condemned when prosecutors decided to circumvent the conventional large jury system in favor of a judge to indict officials. The cases have now been dropped.

While a judge’s grand jury approach can be used covertly to investigate a crime, it cannot be used to prosecute an individual. Three years ago, Generation Office Rejected Flint water costs Democrat Attorney General Bill Schwartz, a Democratic predecessor, said. Generation then resumed prosecution, but ignored laws that clearly did not allow a judge to be used to indict.

To resume this process for the third time, prosecutors must lay the groundwork for an indictment more than eight years after the water crisis.

It is unclear whether future prosecution may be inconsistent with the six-year limit for most offenses. This could extend to 10 years for crimes such as premeditated murder, which were charged against two defendants.

The comment, written by Chief Justice Bridget McCormack, sharply criticized the Generation Bureau, saying the need for a grand jury for such allegations was an “undeniable assumption so far.” Chief Justice McCormack referred to the Attorney General’s Office’s use of a large single-judge jury as a “return of the Star Room.” He noted that “[t]”On this day, the defendants do not know what evidence the prosecutor presented to convince the jury (ie the jury) to charge them.”

Judge Richard Bernstein wrote a firm agreement that “… if the guarantees underlying that criminal process – such as the legal right to a preliminary hearing – are lost, the criminal process that claims a fair balance between the enemies will be of little value. “With the whims of the prosecutor.” He added “[t]”He can not cut corners to prosecute defendants more effectively – here, by not allowing defendants to conduct a preliminary investigation as legally guaranteed.”

While Generation is popular among many media outlets, it has had a controversial history, including statements on topics from Election fraud To Transgender teachers Which has provoked criticism from conservatives. However, this view shows the sheer incompetence of his office in one of the most important cases of many years. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Nassel participates in re-election.

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