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Lawrence Tribb, a retired Harvard law professor, has long been an endless font for the media, claiming clear evidence of various crimes to prosecute Donald Trump. The tribe announced Evidence of criminal charges from Manipulation witness، Evidence of obstruction Of justice, Criminal elections Infractions, Logan Law Infractions, Extortion And HasBetrayal is possible By Trump or his family Tribe may now have fully enforced criminal law for violating classified information management laws by claiming that Trump may be prosecuted as an effective spy.

While the tribe has been criticized many times False statements And Conspiracy theories, There is an insatiable appetite in some news outlets for Trump’s prosecution theories. It does not matter if the tribe has been repeatedly mistaken or pressured about such claims in the media Very poor advice Biden caused huge losses to the court. (For full disclosure, this includes False statements About me as well Personal attacks).

On the “Deadline” program on the BBC, Tribe again claimed that there was a new basis for prosecuting Trump. Addressed section News reports The Ministry of Justice is investigating alleged violations of classification rules in the transfer of documents to Mar-a-Lago after leaving office.

Many of us have discussed the possible reasons for the charges against us. As I Mentioned earlierThere are some penalties that can be applied to such cases, although such acts would be unprecedented for the former president. At Article 1361 It states that anyone “intentionally intentionally damaging or looting US property” could face a fine or up to one year in prison if convicted. At Section 2071 Declares that anyone intentionally and unlawfully deletes, deletes, mutilates, erases or destroys any record, process, map, book, paper, document or anything else that has been archived or deposited in any government office. , Can be fined or convicted. If sentenced to three years in prison.

However, Tribe believes Trump can be accused of espionage. He told MSNBC:

“When we find all this top-secret information leaking into unsafe boxes in Mar-a-Lago, it is very encouraging that the Department of Justice does not just know who packed the boxes. He asked, but what did the president do then? Is the US considering taking this information out of the Oval Office? Did he do anything with it? Did he use it to his advantage? “This will be a serious crime of espionage.”

So there is both a national security angle and a potentially criminal angle, and that is the most encouraging thing for me, because I am worried about being held accountable so that in 2024 the coup attempt and the insurgency will not be repeated. . What is important to me is that no one should go beyond the law, and that the Attorney General and his Deputy Attorney General, and people like him, like Lisa Monaco, have to keep their word when they say they are going to obey the law. . Evidence Wherever it leads directly to the Oval Office, exactly to the former man, so join us. “I think this is an important development.”

The tribe is simply wrong to “use [classified material] “For his own benefit” is espionage. He insists it is “espionage”, but the elements of this crime deny it. It is certainly true that prosecutors have sought widespread enforcement of the law in past cases such as Chelsea Manning. However, it still needs the intention or reason to believe that this information harms the United States or helps a foreign country. Why is the removal of classified information, contrary to previous logical criminal allegations, clearly considered espionage?

For the tribe, however, it is not enough to make a rare exceptional charge under these laws. These are not as exciting as the Trump trial under espionage laws. There is currently no evidence to support this claim as espionage, other than evidence of extinction of endangered species.

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