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Below is an extended version of My Column On The Hill On the implication of Hillary Clinton in Alfa Bank’s false allegations of Russian collusion. Most media outlets, meanwhile, ignored the testimony of former Clinton campaign chief Sussman.This adds to the deadly record of how the Clinton campaign was behind the most successful misinformation campaign in US political history with the Steel case and Alpha Bank claims. Ironically, despite Sussman trying to hide his connection to Clinton at the FBI meeting, it was his lawyer who effectively defeated Clinton in the scandal. Robbie Mock, the former director of the Clinton campaign, then disobeyed the Democrats’ 11th decree: You should not name Clinton a scandal.

Here is the column:

The trial of Michael Sussman, a former Clinton campaign lawyer, crossed a critical threshold on Friday when a key witness named “Hillary Clinton” spoke out against a plot to expose Alfa Bank’s Russian collusion allegation ahead of the 2016 presidential election. .

For Democrats and many in the media, Hillary Clinton has long had a score. A situation similar to Voldemort As “he who should not be named” in the scandals. However, Robbie Mock, his former campaign manager, told the jury that Clinton had personally endorsed a plan to spread false allegations of covert communications between the Trump administration and a Russian bank. It was one of the most successful misinformation campaigns in American politics, engaging Mock Clinton as a green light to turn on voters’ gas.

Just mentioning Clinton’s name caused a wave of shock in Washington. In past scandals, the Clintons have always escaped direct responsibility because aides have been interrogated or convicted. White Water Land Transactions To Cattle futures. Even when Long Term Documents in Whitewater Washington was discovered outside the family quarters with Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints.

After Judge Christopher Cooper was appointed by Obama, Clinton was untouchable in Sussman’s trial. Issued a series of orders Limit the scope of the trial and its evidence. orders Were observed As “Spar[ing] The campaign of Clinton and the Democratic National Committee … is a potential shame.

Ironically, after the successful removal of such areas from the trial, it was the defense that invited Mock to the position – and he acknowledged that Clinton herself had endorsed the collusion misinformation tactic.

It was the worst-kept secret in Washington, but it was rarely confirmed.

On July 28, 2016, the then CIA Director John Brennan He briefed President Obama Ms Hillary Clinton Claim plan to close Donald Trump To Russia as “A means of diverting public opinion from his use of a private email server.Obama was reportedly told how Clinton had apparently “endorsed one of his foreign policy advisers’ offer to humiliate Donald Trump by provoking a scandal over Russian security intervention.”

Thus, Mook testified that Clinton did exactly what Brennan had warned Obama was planning.

The date of Brennan’s warning is important: it was three days before the FBI collusion investigation began. Also a few months before Sussman contacted AFBI’s full-time consultant, Jim Baker, claiming he represented no clients. (He was an adviser to the Clinton campaign and, according to the prosecutor, set the time for the campaign.)

There is a familiar pattern in both the Steel case – which became the basis of the Russian collusion investigation – and the Alfa Bank story. Campaign partners made both claims while actively seeking to hide their connections to the public and the government, including Reportedly rejecting funding From the steel case and Hide this budget as legal expenses.

The campaign then made these baseless allegations to the media and the FBI. In fact, prosecutors claimed this week that Sussmann had continued to pursue Alfa Bank allegations after Trump’s election, in a blatant attempt to bolster Russian collusion allegations circulating in the media at the time.

When Clinton’s apparently confirmed this misinformation attempt, her campaign realized that the Alpha Bank theory It is never considered valid By researchers tasked with supporting it. Those researchers warned that it is easyMake several holesIn this claim and that the data can be seen as “red herring”. However, trial witnesses admitted that they hoped the media would substantiate these allegations.

Despite records from Clinton’s close associates who made the false allegations about the Steel and Alfa Bank cases to the AFBI, Mock and another witness, Clinton’s campaign adviser Mark Elias, insisted that they Preferred to use the media Campaign One for such efforts The channel of a liberal magazineFor example, whose story was later referred to as a “bomb” report, as if the campaign had nothing to do with it.

For her part, Clinton not only acknowledged the use of Alpha Bank’s false claim, but also helped to show it as a fact: “Computer scientists have apparently discovered a secret server that’s a Trump organization. “It links to a bank based in Russia.”

The claim was later reinforced by one of his campaign advisers, Jake Sullivan, who is currently serving as President Biden. National security Advisor. “This could be the most direct link between Donald Trump and Moscow,” Sullivan said at the time. Computer scientists have discovered a secret server that links the Trump organization to a bank based in Russia. Sullivan added that he “can only assume that federal officials will now look at this direct link between Trump and Russia as part of an ongoing investigation into Russian interference in our election.”

“As the FBI Baker and other witnesses told the jury this week, in fact.”nothing there

Hillary Clinton’s sudden appearance at Sussman’s trial occurred despite Judge Cooper’s best efforts and defense. In addition to limiting the scope of evidence for Clinton, the judge Allowed three Clintons As a member of the jury, along with another member of the jury who is the sponsor and donor of Alexandria Occasio-Kurtz, the Liberal Representative, the Liberal Representative.

For Special Prosecutor John Durham, it seems that the only missing jury is Chelsea Clinton. However, when we talk about your peer jury, we do not mean that Clinton’s lawyer should be tried by Clinton supporters.

Months after approving Alfa Bank’s misinformation strategy, Clinton called for censorship in December 2016 of opponents who accused her of spreading lies to influence the election. She Announced “It is now clear that so-called ‘fake news’ can have real-world consequences.” “In fact, Clinton has pushed for government and corporate censorship and at the same time called for it.”Global calculationWith those who publish false information. Of course, Sussman can still face the real consequences of his conviction, given the strength of the evidence against him. However, it will probably not have any consequences for Hillary Clinton, let alone an “account”.

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