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Johnny Depp, his ex-wife Amber Heard, held a $ 15 million banknote at the Grand Slander Award yesterday. Hurd is still seeking $ 8,350,000 in damages, even after a reduction for his prize and a legal reduction in the penalty area. Many believe that this amount (which is $ 1.35 million more than his divorce) is justified by the damage done to Depp’s reputation and career. The stigma of this sentence should be shared with others, even if they avoided the actual damage. This includes many media outlets (including the Washington Post staff) that rushed to portray Hurd as a victim and Depp as an aggressor. The biggest condemnation, however, must be for the organization that not only promoted that narrative, but actually helped shape the defamatory pillar: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The role of the ACLU in this scandal Appeared during the trial. While Hurd was accused of violating his public commitment to give a divorce agreement to a charity, he did much to help the ACLU. The organization then named her “ambassador for women’s rights, focusing on gender-based violence.”

During the trial, evidence was provided of how ACLU staff assisted Hurd in constructing the defamatory column. Said ACLU employee Robin Schulman An email to Heard He tried to portray Hurd in “Fire and Fury” in a draft. ACLU CEO Anthony Romero and Legal Director David Cole have also been reportedly involved.

ACLU staffer Jessica Weitz acknowledged in an email that there was a possibility of a lawsuit, telling Hurd: “I want to make sure nothing is said here that would put you in danger. [non-disclosure agreement]”

The use of ghost writers and editors is not uncommon for celebrities. However, many of us have wondered what Romero and ACLU were doing in the midst of this celebrity scandal. The answer is that the ACLU long ago abandoned its legacy as a fearless organization fighting for civil liberties and individual rights.

Under Romero, the ACLU was openly politicized and increasingly prone to scandal. It has corrupted the political agenda of the organization in the sense that it deviates from the solid principles that once held it firmly to its core mission. I have no doubt that the new direction is motivated by deep political values. I also do not believe that he spent this period solely for benefits or financial aid. This means humiliating your corrupt heritage. The ACLU once represented more than just another political advocacy group.

Like many other longtime ACLU supporters, I have been Criticism of the politicization of the ACLU In the last decade. Many “old guards” in the ACLU left the organization because it was on the public agenda, including abandoning its long tradition of supporting the least popular in our society in favor of individual rights. Among those critics is Ira Glasser, the former president of the ACLU The question arose as to whether the ACLU was still fulfilling its decisive commitment To the values ​​of freedom of expression

This trend was evident in its painful approach to “hate speech.” After the Criticism of the Charlottesville Protests. Protecting freedom of expression was the cornerstone of the ACLU when it was fearless in its unpopular support. It now appears that this is an open secluded area for the organization.

Some of us, especially when the ACLU called for opposition to litigation rights for students in our colleges and universities, especially in imposing a higher and more coherent standard of evidence. ACLU Sued Efforts to prevent the increase of protection of the legal process imposed on him by the former Minister of Education Betsy Davos Proposed corrections I have It has long been critical of the legal process On our campus and pointed to the absence of the ACLU in the leadership of this struggle. The ACLU was very similar to its historical opponents in condemning the plague caused by excessive legal proceedings as an obstacle to further enforcement.

With this free fall in the ACLU, endless conflicts like an ACLU employee have arisen Encourage activists to “break” Senator Kristen Cinema (D., Ariz.) And another staff member opposed college admission Nicholas Sandman. At times, it has become an imitation of itself Celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy by editing his words as offensive.

Hurd’s large donation to the ACLU only heightened concerns about what appeared to be a full-blown effort to support his public claims. Hurd has publicly pledged $ 3.5 million to the ACLU and has previously claimed to have fulfilled that commitment. The trial revealed that $ 1.3 million had been donated to his name and that it appeared to be Probably $ 500,000 was taken from Ilan MaskWho once met with Hurd.

It has ACLU Has been reported A lawsuit was filed against Depp for $ 86,000 in evidence-based costs.

ACLU was once the North Star for us in civil liberties. The loss of the organization as an independent and non-political voice has been devastating in our legal system. The rise of the ACLU at the heart of one of the dirtiest celebrity trials in history is the ultimate measure of the decline of this popular civil liberties group. Getting here was not easy. This determined the former president Susan Ann. Herman, The current president Deborah ArcherAnd Romeo to wipe out decades of politically motivated and effective advocacy for civil liberties for all. This trial fully examined the new ACLU as another political advocacy group. What many saw was not a brave group that once defended Nazi freedom of expression. Instead, what they saw was that an organization seemed to be attacking celebrities.

At the Depp-Heard trial, the ACLU eventually emerged as a free-fall organization. Ultimately it was ACLU reputation, not Depp, that may have done the most damage in this trial. Ironically, for critics, Amber Heard became the right face and ambassador for the ACLU: conflicted, confused, and corrupt.

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