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Pervert. Bill Paskerl (DN.J.) has joined the Supreme Court’s call for justice Clarence Thomas Virginia Ginny Thomas resigned because of her relationship with her lawyer John Eastman Support for the Certification Challenge It is not yet clear what this email contains, but Ginny Thomas was a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump, both publicly and privately. Paskerl named ThomasA corrupt juristHe said that given that his wife is a political activist, he could not be considered “neutral”. Paskerl’s request then arises Senator Sheldon White House called for an investigation The subject matter of this request is completely without legal or moral merit, with no new evidence that Judge Thomas himself was involved in political defense cases during the sentencing.

Representative IIhan Omar (D., Minn.) Was the first member of Congress Call for the impeachment of Thomas When it became clear on January 6, the commission found his wife Ginny’s message to the White House. MSNBC Mehdi Hassan repeated this call For interpellation as before Senator Barbara Boxer and others. Boxer has been very ironic since he used it The same federal constitution To challenge the endorsement of the election of George W. Bush, who played a key role in former President Trump’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election.

As mentioned earlier, Ginny Thomas’s position on the election was not surprising. He is a prominent Republican activist and supporter of Trump. In his correspondence, Thomas encouraged White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to pursue legal challenges to what he saw as a stolen election. This was a position supported by millions of voters.

We are far from the days when wives were seen as their husbands’ extensions. Ginny Thomas is an activist, and the couple have often discussed how to keep their careers separate. However, these members suggest that Judge Thomas could be interrogated or interrogated because he was essentially unable to keep his wife in line and remain silent about the national controversy.

“Clarence and Ginny Thomas have participated in one of the worst breaches of trust we have ever seen in our court system,” Paskerl said. Clarence Thomas can not be seen as an impartial actor, but as a corrupt lawyer who has poisoned the Supreme Court. “Clarence Thomas must respect our democracy and resign.”

Attacking Judge Thomas is grossly unfair and inaccurate. Because of these challenges, there was no breach of trust in our court system. The court system functioned exactly as intended. The other two branches are the same. The Supreme Court has issued at least 10 rulings on the 2020 elections. In January, Judge Thomas was the only dissident judge. A minority does not corrupt you being one. This is a situation that virtually every judge has had at some point in court.

Judge Thomas did not write the email to Eastman. It was his wife who has a separate job. Judges are not expected to silence their spouses about political issues or associations. Spouses are also not expected to give up their jobs or views due to the presence of their spouse in court.

In fact, even judges are accused of crossing the line. This includes the judges to the left of the court. I He recently criticized Judge Sonia Sotomayor for encouraging law students to oppose new abortion laws.. The late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg also drew similar criticism. Despite repeated controversies in public speaking on political issuesGinsburg was not discouraged. Ginsburg continued to say so In discussing topics like ERA to the delight of liberals. Shortly before that, Ginsburg He repeated his point That sexist voters prevented Hillary Clinton from being elected president – repeated controversial remarks in His speech in 2017. Again, he liberalized the views of the liberals. As in his speech in 2017Ginsburg He repeated his point That sexist voters prevented Hillary Clinton from being elected president.

Judge Ginsberg triggered another storm over public comment on how he would move to New Zealand if Donald Trump were elected.. Ginsburg He apologized for that public controversyAlthough I argued in one Column How the incident pointed to a much bigger problem in court.

These were political statements against direct involvement in advocacy. In this case, it is not Judge Thomas, but his wife, who supports certification and electoral challenges.

It is not clear whether Pascrell has access to emails that are not seen by other members or the public. We know Thomas SMSed with White House then-President Mark Meadows encouraged the White House to fight for certification after the presidential election. He said on Thursday “I look forward to talking to them.” “I can not wait to get rid of misconceptions,” he added.

Paskerl has long sought retaliation against those who hold differing views on the 2020 election. He had previously applied for disqualification 120 Republicans House of Representatives – Including the minority leader of the parliament Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) – To sign a “Court Friendly Study” (or Summary amicus) In support of an electoral challenge from Texas.

Attacking Judge Thomas in support of his wife is a contest over some Democrats. Thomas has not received the support of most law professors or legal experts in the media. Likewise, liberal feminist groups are silent in defense of a woman who has a separate job in Washington. However, this attack is inflammatory and misleading. In inciting addiction, the national anger that tears us apart harms the courts and the country.

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