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For weeks, critics of the J6 committee have noted that committee members have promised to provide compelling evidence to support criminal charges, but After nine hearings, he still has not presented that case. Even some Democratic figures, including former U.S. Attorney and former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (DN.D.) I don’t believe a strong case has been made For impeachment now, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) makes the same claim that there is “much more” undisclosed evidence, but says the committee will review the evidence (including possible criminal referrals) by the fall — just before Mid-term elections – will not publish. .

At the start of the hearings, committee members promised they had evidence they had long sought for the smoking gun — new material that would close Trump’s circle. Representative committee member Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) indicated he thinks there is nowAuthentic evidence“Supporting A All types of criminal charges. His colleague, Rep Jamie Ruskin (D-Md.), said the committee will show that Trump organizing a “coup d’état” On January 6, 2021.

Court hearings had not begun when many media outlets announced that the criminal case had been conclusively proven – even though much of what was presented was already generally known.

Looking objectively at the evidence, the committee never produced “credible” evidence of crimes. That’s not to say the evidence isn’t shocking. In fact, it’s like a series of “jump scares” involving Trump and others suggesting unfounded or illegal behavior.

Now, on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Cheney said

“I think the committee has been very thorough and presented a lot of what we know. There are many more that we have not yet shared in the hearings and anticipate sharing in the fall. We will also decide on criminal referrals and ultimately it will be up to the Department of Justice to decide whether to prosecute, but I anticipate that the committee will have a say on that.

Don’t ask CNN senior national affairs analyst Cassie Hunt why Congress is waiting to release the information. Instead, he replied, “You obviously have a lot more information in your head than the general public about what happened that day. But when you started these sessions earlier this year, did you have any idea how much you already knew? Spoiler alert: Cheney said no.

Indeed, some of us have written that the J6 committee has released new details and accounts, but this information It greatly reinforced the known claims Instead of adding new material evidence in the criminal case against Trump.

The obvious unasked question adds to the fact that the new release delay will coincide with the midterm elections. Cheney has been criticized by critics for holding a series of one-sided hearings without alternative or opposing views. some call it “Show trialwith members using teleprompters in carefully controlled listening sessions. Cheney as if to do that test demo image The last hearing has ended by calling for more officials to come forward and pointing out that Trump family members and former officials have now come forward with their “public confessions.”

At the same time, Cheney and the committee chairman have repeatedly stressed that voters cannot allow Trump to return to power and have repeatedly pointed to the upcoming election. A lack of balance in the scope of reviews or the presentation of evidence only magnifies the appearance of research being regulated by political rather than research priorities.

So now Cheney once again says, “Stay tuned,” like a never-ending sequel. Of course, members know that their control will end if the midterm elections result in Republicans retaking the House. Republicans have announced they will launch their own investigation into why the House of Representatives was unprepared for the riot despite warnings of possible violence.

The January 6 Committee has filed a personal and political case against Trump. He did not do this criminally. Timing the release more closely to coincide with the election will do little to generate interest in building a criminal case rather than a political one.

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