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At the national level, there has been a backlash against prosecutors recently elected by far-left groups backed by billionaire George Soros. Is one of them Commonwealth County Attorney Buta Bebraj Who is currently in the midst of a controversy over the misrepresentation of a criminal’s criminal record in order to obtain less punishment in a confession transaction. Ludon District Court Judge James Plomen removed Bibraj and his office from the case. After Republican Attorney General Jason Myers wrote a motion to the court, Bebraj (who described himself as a “progressive prosecutor”) attacked Myers and told him to “stay on your way.”

The subject is an agreement given to theft suspect Kevin Enrique Vale, who has been charged with three counts of vandalism and forgery, and two counts of theft. Prosecutor Michelle Burton offered a six-month contract to the court, which Plomen said made her criminal record look insignificant. The judge said he was told the crimes took place within hours within the past year. Instead, it was alleged that these crimes were due to “a Possibility of 12 thefts of crime and lawlessness Includes four cities over 10 days. “

Vale has reportedly filed more than 40 lawsuits against him in various Virginia counties. However, it was Loudon’s record that angered the court.

Judge Plumen accused Bebraj’s office of “deliberately misleading the court and the people.” Therefore, he ordered, “Unclaimed and Ludon’s Commonwealth Office “This eliminates and disqualifies him from further prosecution as a lawyer with a record in this matter.”

“This is a special message to Attorney General Jason Myars, ‘Stay on your line,'” Bibraj told a news conference in response to the letter. Lane You is the Attorney General of Virginia. You are not the council’s elected lawyer, and you certainly are not for Ludon County. “Since his election, he wants to undermine the good work we are doing as a progressive prosecutor.” He also questioned Plumen’s authority to remove his office.

The court did not exactly consider this a “good deed.” Judge Plumen He withdrew from the case.

Deletion in this case is deeply troubling. This appears to be an ordinary offender, and the details of these criminal records are key to any court in deciding whether to approve a lawsuit. This was a very generous request for someone with a long history, especially for someone who is only 19 years old. This does not mean that the court can not consider his age in negligence. However, the court must be fully and accurately informed of the defendant’s previous criminal record.

There is Remember trying to target the uninitiated.

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